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Lost Lands Dark Overlord  
Hidden Object

The incredible adventures of a mother searching for her son!

Would you like to travel to a place where no ordinary human being has ever set foot? Witness a world that is completely unlike our own in

this unforgettable adventure. Travel through a world of mystery where magic still exists!

Susan, the main character, was

staying in a peaceful summer cottage with her young son Jimmy. As they are getting ready to leave, a phone call distracts Susan for a moment while Jimmy is lured away by a mysterious, otherworldly voice.

Jimmy realises the voice is dangerous and evil, but it is too late. A portal opens up and he is grabbed by the legs and dragged into the other world. Susan runs after him, but the portal closes before she can make her way through!

Can you help Susan reopen the portal? Make your way through beautifully designed hidden object scenes and challenging puzzle levels. Can you help Susan find her son back and discover who kidnapped him and why?

Help a mother find back her son in the exciting supernatural adventure Lost Land: Dark Overlord!

  • Beautiful Hidden Object Scenes
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Thrilling storyline with great cutscenes
  • Incredible underwater bonus chapter
  • Collectables and bonus puzzles
  • Wallpapers, soundtracks, movies, and concept art
  • Achievements and strategy guide
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Download and play Lost Lands Dark OverlordDownload and play Lost Lands Dark OverlordDownload and play Lost Lands Dark Overlord

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