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Card Party: Card & Board
Card & Board

Try to play away all your cards in the right order in Card Party!

In the fun and addition card game Card Party the objective is to play away all your cards first. You will have to play them away in the right order, from 1 tot 12.

You can only start a new stack with a 1 each time. Draw from your stock pile to play new cards. The pack also contains 18 joker cards. These cards can stand in for any other card, including a 1!

Move cards to your discard cells if you can't use them, but stack them strategically, as you can only use the top card!

Have fun playing the entertaining GamePoint card game CardParty!

  • Simple rules, addicting gameplay
  • Stack away your cards
  • Stack cards strategically in the discard cells
  • Joker Bonus
  • Cool game perks like Move Helper and Stack Viewer!
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Download and play Card PartyOnlineDownload and play Card PartyOnlineDownload and play Card PartyOnline

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