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Play away every last royal card on the table in Freecell Solitaire!

Play a fun Freecell variation! Try to stack up the cards in the field from King to Ace. Meanwhile, try to collect the Aces so you can move them to the four empty cells at the top. Here you can stack away the cards from Ace to King.

There are four more empty cells in the top left corner of the table. Here you can place any four cards that are in your way. But be careful! The more cards you store up there, the fewer cards you can move in one go in the field below!

Can you stack away all the cards by suit at the end of the game? Try to collect the Joker cards early for extra points!

  • Classic Freecell game with extra bonus cards
  • Jokers for extra points
  • Face-down mystery cards
  • Speed bonus for uncovering Joker cards
  • Funny and original card design
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Download and play Regal FreecellOnlineDownload and play Regal FreecellOnlineDownload and play Regal FreecellOnline

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