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The Rats  
Simulation & Strategy

A ruthless MMO action game for of RATched strategems!

The Rats is a funny strategy game including plotting, scheming, action, and a little bit of Tamagotchi-type gameplay.

You lead your own pack of rats, and you have to compete against other rat packs for cheese in a world where food is scarce. Make sure your rodents have all the skills they need to lay the best traps for your competitors.

Go on raids to rob the other rat packs, poison your enemies, and fight to get the best new recruits. The bigger your tribe, the greater your chances to rule the rankings.

These rats are ruthless! Use every dirty trick in the book to get one over on your opponents. Have fun playing the awesome strategy MMO game The Rats!

  • Cross‐platform gaming
  • Active and competitive community
  • Highly replayable
  • Regular game updates
  • Player rankings
  • Underhand strategies you won't find anywhere else!
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Download and play The RatsOnlineDownload and play The RatsOnlineDownload and play The RatsOnline

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