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Download and play True Detective Solitaire 2 True Detective Solitaire 2 The True Detective is on a new case! Solve the bank robbery and catch the criminal in 120 solitaire levels. Collect golden cards and catch the villain
Download and play Mahjong Christmas 2 Mahjong Christmas 2 Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in every level! Are you ready for a wonderful winter fairytale? Complete 120 unique Mahjong levels!
Download and play Mahjong Business Style Mahjong Business Style Play the fast-paced business version of Mahjong on the stock exchange and grab the gold!
Download and play Mahjong: Wolf's Stories Mahjong: Wolf's Stories Set off on a quest travelling through the forest to find the missing wolf cub! Solve many exciting puzzles along the way!
Download and play Solitaire Beach Season Solitaire Beach Season Play 120 exciting solitaire levels in Solitaire Beach Season, a great game of patience set on the sunny beach!
Download and play Solitaire Egypt Solitaire Egypt Restore the town destroyed in the sandstorm. You are the Pharaoh's best architect in this solitaire game!
Download and play Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead Prove your skills in this challenging solitaire game! Help Manuel rescue his bride from the land of the dead!
Download and play Halloween Night Mahjong Halloween Night Mahjong A spooky Halloween atmosphere in every thrilling level! Match your wits against the evil witch! Complete 120 unique Mahjong levels!
Download and play Solitaire Halloween Story Solitaire Halloween Story Trick or treat? 120 unique levels await you in Solitaire Halloween Story!
Download and play Art Mahjongg Egypt Art Mahjongg Egypt A journey full of adventure and hidden worlds awaits you in Art Mahjongg Egypt!
Download and play Regency Solitaire Regency Solitaire Experience romantic Regency England and help Bella create the ballroom of her dreams.
Download and play Magic Cards Solitaire Magic Cards Solitaire Play your way through many exciting levels of Solitaire and experience many adventures in this mystical world full of secrets.

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