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North vs South  
Simulation & Strategy

“Emerge victorious!”

Fight a strategic battle, use your instinct, and conquer American territory! In this game you will be leading one of the armies in the American Civil War! It's the North versus the South! Take up positions and assault enemy forts. Can you deal with all the challenges you will face in battle?

Keep in mind who your friends are as you meet Mexican bandits and the reinforcements coming from Europe. Can you capture the ports to secure reinforcements and supplies by sea?

To survive this battle and stay in one piece you’ll have to master the skills required to win this real-time war game. Take turns with your opponents, engage in 1 against 30 shoot-outs, and chase and capture the trains on horseback!

Explore an defining moment in American history in the exciting computer game North vs South!

  • Fight in dynamic and strategic battles
  • Play various mini-games
  • Relive the American Civil War
  • Choose your style of fighting: calm or brutal
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Download and play North vs SouthDownload and play North vs SouthDownload and play North vs South

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