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Sakura Day Mahjong  
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Over 100 Mahjong levels and layouts to suit every taste.

Travel around Asia and explore the most mysterious locations of the East! Visit the lost Wind Valley. Gaze into the waters of the magical Emerald Waterfall, and don’t get lost in the Imperial Garden.

Clear 120 different Mahjong puzzles arranged in many different layouts to suit any taste. Classic, themes, blitz speed time-saver levels for points, huge levels consisting of no less than 200 tiles and amazing 15-layer levels to play. Challenge your Mah-jongg skills with these cool and unique level layouts!

Sakura Day Mahjong brings you more than 7 hours of gameplay! 120 unique levels await you in 6 wonderful unexplored worlds and exciting landscapes inspired by travels through Asia.

Each level has its own individual goals and objectives. The levels also contain special golden tiles you must try to collect.

  • Adventurous atmosphere
  • Over 7 hours of gameplay
  • 120 exciting levels
  • Classic layouts
  • Blitz speed levels
  • XXL layouts with over 200 tiles
  • Extra tall 15-layer layouts
  • Special abilities and golden tiles
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Download and play Sakura Day MahjongDownload and play Sakura Day MahjongDownload and play Sakura Day Mahjong

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