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The Gift  
Hidden Object

“Lives depend on you!”

Use the unique gift that makes you see the final moments of a deceased person’s life to unravel the mystery behind a set of lifeless bodies with bizarre symbols on their foreheads!

Shunned by the police Sarah Meiville is on her own to search for clues, solve puzzles and to learn how to use the visions to her advantage.

Whispers speak of the Nothingman when you discover a 40’s town steeped in neon glow. Your gift will challenge you with cunning mini-games and surprise you with cleverly hidden objects.

Follow the work of the paranormal investigator in an unforgettable cross between a moody '40s detective movie and a modern occult thriller.

  • Discover 46 locations
  • Unravel 18 mini-games
  • Search through 20 hidden object scenes
  • Learn as you play with the tutorial
  • Use hints and tips when you need them
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Download and play The GiftDownload and play The GiftDownload and play The Gift

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