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5 Dice Duel  
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Throw 5 dice in this classic yahtzee game!

In 5 Dice Duel you have to try to score the highest amount of points possible. You can roll the five dice three times per round. Look at the different combinations of eyes and the dice combo's listed on your score card. Select which combo you are going for, and which dice to keep or put back into the cup.

You can go for each dice combo on the card only once, so choose wisely! With a bit of luck and some clever choices you can try to outplay your opponent.

If you've never played this game before, you can access an in-game explanation of all the possible combinations and points at any time during the game. Enjoy !

  • Toss the dice and try to gather as many points as you can
  • Make combinations such as a full-house, 4 of a kind, or a straight
  • Three throws per turn
  • Select which dice to keep and which to throw back into the cup
  • Try to score the 35 point bonus!
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Download and play 5 Dice DuelOnlineDownload and play 5 Dice DuelOnlineDownload and play 5 Dice DuelOnline

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