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Double Blackjack!

Double Blackjack is Blackjack for pros! Whether you enjoy playing Blackjack with friends or at the Casino - or even if you’ve always wanted to go pro but have never pursued this dream – this game is for you.

This version of Blackjack gives you the option to place a Double Jack™ side bet as part of the regular blackjack game. If the first card dealt in the regular Blackjack hand is a jack, the regular blackjack game will not continue until your side bet is paid out when you win a Double Jack.

Double Jack is an amazing win, and pays out no less than 10 times your bet! Got a pair of jacks? Then your win shoots up to 25 times your bet! Wow, is that a pair of the Jack of Spades? Congratulations - this combo makes you a monstrous win of 100x your initial bet!

Of course, your regular Blackjack target is to have a 10-card, king, queen or jack of any suit dealt along with an ace to get a Blackjack and win 1.5 times your bet.

If you want to play in silence to boost your concentration, you can always turn all sounds on or off as you please. You can separately activate or mute both the sound effects and background music. Using the same options menu, you can also adjust the speed of the game according to your desired pace.

  • Toggle music and sounds
  • Adjust the speed of the game
  • Win up to 100x your bet!
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Download and play Blackjack Double JackOnlineDownload and play Blackjack Double JackOnlineDownload and play Blackjack Double JackOnline

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