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Call of War: Simulation & Strategy
Simulation & Strategy

Lead your army to victory during World War 2 in Call of War!

Call of War is an amazing free-to-play MMO strategy game made by the studio that created New World Empires. Call of War is set during the Second World War. Can you lead your army to victory using your most cunning strategies?

Use the right units and choose strategic fronts to launch attacks upon. You can spy on your enemies to gain an advantage, and forge trade alliances with other nations.

Expand your country and amass enough wealth and technology to win the war. Issue commands and orders, and watch how your army advances across the historical world map!

Have fun playing the War Strategy MMO Call of War!

  • War Strategy MMO gameplay
  • Compete against other players
  • Historical world map shows the action
  • Select the best units and stratagems
  • Unlock new weapons and technology
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Download and play Call of WarOnlineDownload and play Call of WarOnlineDownload and play Call of WarOnline

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