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“Take them all down!” in Dark Orbit Reloaded

From now on, you're in command! Embark on an exhilarating mission as you explore the last bastion of the unknown – deep space. Call the shots from the cockpit, your new home in this deep space adventure. Can you outsmart, outmuscle, and outmaneuver your enemies. Seek fame and fortune, or simply set out to become infamous!

Swear allegiances to a faction of your choice and singlehandedly turn the tide in the war for supplies and, ultimately, supremacy in space.

Will you choose to align yourself with the money-hungry, aristocratic elitists of the Earth Industries Corporation? Or will it be the profit-driven bloodlust of the Mars Mining Operation. Although if you feel strongest about the callous pursuit of technological advancement, the Venus Resources Unlimited may be your faction of choice.

Your allegiances are your anchor, and upholding your ties to the faction is your mission. Dedicate yourself to the fate of your company by completing a set of completely new missions. As you advance in rank you will gain personal glory and bring great victories to your faction. Engaging in deadly battles with the millions and millions of competing pilots and fortune-seekers flying around in space.

Feel the ultimate power of controlling your own flying weapon of mass destruction Want action? Then seek it out! Thousands of brand new missions will take you to the edge of the known universe to stockpile invaluable resources, gather unfathomable riches and crush hundreds of formidable foes – alien and human alike.

There are many challenge ahead, but before you permanently disengage your afterburners remember that DarkOrbit Reloaded wants you to succeed! Learn the ropes, become one with your ship, understand the mechanics of DarkOrbit Reloaded inside and out - you will prevail!

Once you feel ready to explore the vast expanse, go full throttle. Don’t let a bit of turbulence stop you! Simply head back to the brand new home base and regroup. Make use to the free repairs to your equipment, pick yourself up, and try again with an improved strategy!

  • Explore space like never before
  • Play with your friends to survive in a hostile, war-torn deep space world
  • Complete many challenging missions
  • Become a famous space pilot
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Download and play Dark OrbitOnlineDownload and play Dark OrbitOnlineDownload and play Dark OrbitOnline

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