Dino Storm  

It’s Cowboys, Dinosaurs and big, bad Laser Guns!

Saddle up, partner, and hold on tight. Your Wild West journey is about to begin.

Dino Storm is a 3D action MMO game full of power hungry Cowboys, fierce Dinosaur mounts and a cache of high-powered Laser Guns to wield at your discretion. Inflict justice and keep the peace, while braving the west atop your prehistoric mount with your iron firmly in your grip. But there ain’t no horses to be mounted around here and the irons you’ll brandish fire light amplified by a stimulated

emission of radiation. You know, LASERS!

With nothing more than your word and a few coppers in your satchel, your journey begins in the forgotten gold rush town of Dinoville, where ruthless

bandits, misfits and miscreants all connive, cozen and kill to advance their causes and climb to the top.

Your duty is to restore peace and order to this lawless place by championing the cause of the good, and decisively inflicting justice on those bold enough to break the law of the land. Your reward? The respect of your peers as they vote you to the ultimate honor of Town Sheriff. But that shiny sheriff’s badge pinned on your breast hardly turns an eye compared to the sheriff’s ultimate mount, the T-REX!

Dino Storm is the unique free-to-play, online multiplayer game with everything

worth geeking out over: Cowboys, Dinosaurs and big, bad Laser Guns. Seriously, what’s not to get excited about?

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