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Embark on a magical journey in Elvenar!

This fantasy city builder Elvenar is both beautiful and exciting! Choose between two races - the elves and the humans - and build your own city. The humans are masters of crafting and using medieval weaponry, while the mysterious elves wield powerful magic.

Like the hit game Goodgame Empire, you start with a small settlement and you will need all your wits and strategic skills to lead your people to wealth and riches!

Upgrade your buildings and change the look of your town to increase your productivity. Explore the world of Elvenar and find various magical relics. You can use these powerful items to your advantage to boost your game stats!

Embark on a magical journey in to Elvenar and become the ruler of a beautiful and mighty realm!

  • Build your own thriving city
  • Chose your race: Elf or Human
  • Discover the best strategies and lead your army into battle
  • Find rare magical relics and treasures all over this mystical world
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Download and play ElvenarOnlineDownload and play ElvenarOnlineDownload and play ElvenarOnline

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