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Play the American and the Dutch version of the card game Hearts!

In this great GamePoint edition of the card game Hearts you can choose whether you want to play American Hearts or Dutch Hearts. The rules are slightly different.

In Dutch Hearts, try to score as few points as you can, but don't allow your opponents to shoot the moon and gather all the penalty points or you'll be in trouble! You play with the Ace card, number cards 7 through 10, and the Court cards. Each heart card is worth 1 point, the Jack of Clubs 2 points, and the Queen of Spades 5 points.

In American Hearts, you play with a bigger range of cards: the full deck. This time, you have to prevent getting penalties for winning tricks with penalty points. All heart cards are worth 1 point, and the Queen of Spades is worth 13!

Have fun playing this entertaining trick-taking card game!

  • American Hearts and Dutch Hearts (Hartenjagen)
  • Trick-taking card game
  • Simple rules, intuitive gameplay
  • Bright and clear card design
  • Entertaining strategy game
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