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Klaverjassen: Card & Board
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Play the strategy-based trick-taking card game Klaverjassen online!

If you like card games and trick-taking strategy, you'll love the Dutch tricking card game Klaverjassen!

Klaverjassen is also known as Klaverjas, and is played with four players. The players sitting opposite each other form a team.

Klaverjassen uses a piquet deck, the numbers 7-10, and the court cards (including the aces) in all four suits. The trump suits may vary per game and will be determined at the start of each round.

Have fun playing this classic card game from the Netherlands!

  • Classic card game
  • Strategic two-against-two teamplay strategy
  • Pair up with the player across from you
  • Trump suit varies per game
  • Complex card game with lots of depth to it - perfect for players who like a challenge!
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Download and play KlaverjassenOnlineDownload and play KlaverjassenOnlineDownload and play KlaverjassenOnline

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