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Can you feel the call of your tribe?

Jump in a fantastic world where the magical people of Magoia are waiting for you to help them brew potions, grow plants and... raise beautiful Dragons!

Discover all kinds of beautiful unknown species and plants. Beware though, because a terrible evil has arisen from thousands of moons of sleep! "The Shadow" is back to cast the land of Magoia into darkness!

The Shadow's monsters will try to attack you and wreak havoc on your island. Defend the beautiful paradise you have created with herbs and potions from your brewery.

If you want to stand stronger against this cruel enemy, join a clan to combine forces with other players, and find new friends!

  • Grow fantastic plants
  • Brew magic potions
  • Raise dragons
  • Defend your island
  • Play with your friends and meet new ones
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Download and play MagoiaOnlineDownload and play MagoiaOnlineDownload and play MagoiaOnline

  • This game is available in
    English, German
  • This is the _lang_pronoun version
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