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Royal Dice: Card & Board

Throw the dice in Royal Dice and pair them up for the highest score!

Put the dice in the cup and give them a shake in this multiplayer dice game. Toss the five dice onto the table and choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to throw again. Try to hit the best combinations on the score card. You can toss the dice three times per turn.

Try to fill out every combo category on your card to gain a higher score than your opponent. You have 39 rounds to complete the full score card and gather up the highest possible tally. You will gain extra bonus points by hitting a Royal Dice combo: all five dice showing the same number of pips.

Have fun playing the entertaining dice game Royal Dice with other online players from all over the world!

  • Fun multiplayer mode
  • 39 rounds to win
  • Bonus Helper counts down to your next bonus
  • Combo Helper shows your combo options
  • Dice Helper sorts your dice for you
  • Royal Dice combo bonus
  • Royal Dice bonus is stackable!
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Download and play Royal DiceOnlineDownload and play Royal DiceOnlineDownload and play Royal DiceOnline

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