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Royal Quest  

Explore Aura, an MMO world of magic, technology and alchemy!

The world of Aura is in great danger! Dark alchemists are on the hunt for a precious and rare mineral named Elenium. Elenium has many unique properties, and can be wielded to devastating purposes if it falls into the wrong hands. The Dark Alchemists will not hesitate to kill for this precious material!

The King stands in need of a league of elite heroes to take on the Alchemists. The danger is great, but so are the rewards you stand to gain.

Pass through many deadly challenges to prove your worth and to outdo the other contenders in this great MMO RPG game. Survive the inhabitants of deep and dark forests, journey through desolate deserts, battle underground dwellers and sea monsters, geometers, orcs, demons and legions of the undead! All in a days work in Royal Quest!

  • Aura is huge and consists of more than 100 locations to explore
  • Choose the right weapons and skills to use against each target.
  • Face off against terrible monster with individual attributes.
  • Choose your own pet that travels with you and collects extra loot.
  • Battle in PvP Arenas
  • Battlegrounds and Castle Sieges
  • Win castles in siege mode
  • Special PvPvE zones where you can battle other players!
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Download and play Royal QuestOnlineDownload and play Royal QuestOnlineDownload and play Royal QuestOnline

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