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Royal Story  

Embark on a farming quest!

Royal Story is the newest game from the creators of Family Barn. In this little fairy-tale game we have to keep track of our farm, do some quests and try to rule our little kingdom. Trade with your neighbors and build a beautiful castle farm.

The kingdom was once peaceful and prosperous, but the evil witch Altessa was jealous of the old king and queen and she put a terrible curse on the kingdom. Fortunately some magical animals helpen hide the heir to the kingdom.

Now the heir is all grown up. It's time to rebuild the kingdom and defeat Altessa. Can you lift the curse on your many allies? Go on quests to find special items, craft items and dishes in the special workshops and castle kitchens, and make sure your farm becomes large enough to expand into the surrounding area.

Take back what is rightfully yours in this cute and fun farming adventure!

  • Fun farm game!
  • Trade with your neighbors!
  • Build your empire!
  • Explore new areas and gather new allies!
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Download and play Royal StoryOnlineDownload and play Royal StoryOnlineDownload and play Royal StoryOnline

  • This game is available in
    English, German, Dutch, Turkish
  • This is the _lang_pronoun version
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