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Shakes & Fidget  

A unique and special free Online Games experience.

Shakes & Fidget is an amazing online browser game, and free2play! Travel to a magical fantasy world and become a famous hero!

You can choose different hero classes to play, including mage, warrior, scout, man, demon, orc, goblin, elf, gnome, and dwarf!

Set out on exciting missions to find gold treasures and to defeat terrible monsters!

You must earn the right to set out on quests though! Work in the city to earn adventure points and save up for the best quests!

Upgrade your equipment using the treasures you find while fulfilling your hero missions. There are many hero attributes your can improve as well to power up your character!

Enjoy the funny cartoon graphics and your unique Online Gaming experience!

  • Many different character classes to play
  • Upgrade hero attributes and inventory
  • Buy potions and other useful power-ups
  • Duel in the arena
  • Defeat the monsters
  • Funny cartoonish art style
  • Great graphics and animations
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Download and play Shakes & FidgetOnlineDownload and play Shakes & FidgetOnlineDownload and play Shakes & FidgetOnline

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