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Grab your kit, pack plenty of ammo, and trust no one. In Zandia, war is big business… and business is good.

The year is 2019. The discovery of the largest deposit of minerals in the known world has turned the Former Republic of Zandia into a corporate war zone - a black ops free-for-all waged by a new breed of legal mercenaries.

Get lost in the dark, messed up, and morally complex world of Soldiers Inc. Question who you work for, trust no one, and choose your own path. The game gives you the tools – but the decisions are yours to make.

Take control of the world’s most elite private military contractors under the guidance of your shadowy Syndicate handler. This conflict will be fought by the best and won by the most ruthless. Who will you be in this terrible power play, corporate pawn, rogue mercenary - or will you rise to take it all?

One thing is for sure: In Zandia, war is big business!

  • Top-quality artwork with an attention to detail you have never seen before in social gaming, done right for the serious player!
  • Millions of hardcore players!
  • Classic real-time interface makes joining the fight intuitive for seasoned players, console gamers, and first-time social RTS gamers!
  • Regular updates, new content, missions, and characters fuel an ever expanding plotline!
  • Fully translated and voiced in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Turkish!
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Download and play Soldiers IncOnlineDownload and play Soldiers IncOnlineDownload and play Soldiers IncOnline

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