Solitaire wonders  
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Defeat your opponents in an exciting game of Solitaire!

The 7 Ancient Wonders will lure you away on a wonderful journey in this classic Solitaire game. Play, explore, and show off your card playing skills!

Solitaire Wonders is an amazing game of skill and focus. The faster and more observant you are the more likely you are to beat your opponent at this game!

Your goal is to play away all the cards by laying them on the 4 stacks, starting with the Ace and ending with the King.

You can see your opponent's progress in real-time while playing Solitaire Wonders. This excellent live feature makes the game even more competitive and fun!

Get ready to play a competitive game of Solitaire!

  • Play solitaire with other players!
  • Watch your opponent's progress as you play
  • Classic rules
  • Clear card design
  • Competitive game mechanics
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