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Sparta War of Empires  

Do you have the strategic skills needed to lead your people … or will you rely on total War?

Enter the mythical world of 5th Century Greek and enter a complex arena of tough challenges and dangerous politics, of negotiations and battles.

You are the Spartan Commander and you must fight to save your city-state and rise to prominence within a Massive Multi-player Online ancient world beautifully rendered in 3D graphics with fully voiced characters and soundscapes that will blow you away!

Will you meet the challenges of leading your city-state head on? With the guidance of the Spartan King, Leonidas, you must lead the Spartan army in battle against Xerxes and the Persian Empire. Do you have the skills required to communicate and organize your strategy through diplomacy or war for success?

Take control of ancient warriors and weapons, cleverly manage your resources, and use your skills to expand and dominate the Ancient World of Plarium’s Sparta™

  • Play with Millions of other players!
  • Form alliances, negotiate trade deals and provide treaties
  • Exploit, steal, trade, or borrow the materials required to turn your village into a City of Legend.
  • Lead your city and people to sovereignty and security within the ancient world of Sparta!
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Download and play Sparta War of EmpiresOnlineDownload and play Sparta War of EmpiresOnlineDownload and play Sparta War of EmpiresOnline

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