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Tentlan: Simulation & Strategy
Simulation & Strategy

Travel back to pre-Columbian times in the strategy game Tentlan!

Tentlan is a great strategy empire-building game set in the pre-Columbian Americas. Travel back to an ancient time and build your own city!

Travel back to the Golden Age of the Mayas and build your own Mayan city full of impressive temples in the middle of the rainforest! You will have to focus on both science and rituals dedicated to the ancient gods in order to make your society prosper!

You can team up with other players and forge economic and strategic alliances, or you can play solo and take on other emperors. Play stunning PvP and PvE battles, and unlock scientific breakthroughs to help you along. You can appeal to the gods and influence the seasons. Lead your warriors into battle and come up with great strategies to win! Have fun playing Tentlan!

  • Historical empire-building game
  • Build ancient temples and cities
  • Forge alliances
  • Try out different strategies
  • PvP and PvE battles
  • Unlock scientific breakthroughs
  • Influence the seasons with rituals to the ancient gods
  • Defend your empire against attackers
  • Wage war on other emperors
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