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Thirty-one: Card & Board

Swap cards and be the first to score 31 points to win!

The aim of this multiplayer card game is to get a score as close to 31 points as possible without going over. Swap one of your cards with a card on the table. As soon as you think your score is high enough to win, close the round to reveal everyone’s cards.

Do you have the winning hand? The player(s) who lose the round lose a life. The player to outlast the others wins the game.

Look at your cards and try to trade the right ones. You play with the piquet cards on a single deck. You can earn a special bonus by matching three cards with the same value. This will score you 30½ points! The only exception is 3 aces, which counts as 32.

Try to beat all your opponents round after round in this fun online card game!

  • Fun multiplayer game
  • Simple rules
  • Single deck
  • Piquet cards
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Triple card 30½ point bonus!
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Download and play Thirty-oneOnlineDownload and play Thirty-oneOnlineDownload and play Thirty-oneOnline

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