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Total War: Arena  
Simulation & Strategy

Experience sprawling historical battles with Total War: Arena!

Total War: Arena is an amazing free-to-play MMO battle game in which you can challenge other players with a team of up to 10 allied players. Direct as many as 300 warriors during huge 10 v. 10 player battles and sieges.

Use your best tactics to corner your opponents during a series of massive, historically accurate land battles. Work together with your allies and earn victories over your foes by annihilating their forces or seizing their base.

Ride to war on horseback or on mighty elephants and progress through the game to unlock new units, new commanders, and higher unit tiers.

Total War: Arena brings you multiplayer battle arena gameplay like you've never experienced before!

  • MMO battle arena gameplay
  • Free-to-play
  • Use real-time tactics
  • 10-vs-10 player battles
  • Control 3 units of up to 100 warriors at a time
  • Unlock new unit tiers
  • Unlock new commanders
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Download and play Total War: ArenaOnlineDownload and play Total War: ArenaOnlineDownload and play Total War: ArenaOnline

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