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Travian Legends: Simulation & Strategy
Simulation & Strategy

Play the awesome MMO Travian Legends and found an empire!

Travian Legends is the community elected name for Travian 4.4, an exciting empire-building MMO game. Begin with a small village. You have to grow your population, produce goods, and train an army.

You can focus on your one village, or found new ones by training colonial forces to go out and find new places to expand your territory. Each new village will have to be grown and upgraded.

Train your army to defend your city, and upgrade your means of production. New technological breakthroughs will bring greater profits and give you an edge in military conflicts.

Forge alliances with other players or attack their territories to plunder for loot. Join huge annual tournaments and lead your empire to greatness! Have fun playing the popular MMO game Travian Legends!

  • Empire-building MMO gameplay
  • Massive annual tournaments
  • Form powerful alliances
  • Server-wide endgame to determine the strongest player and alliance
  • Found additional villages
  • Score culture points
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Download and play Travian LegendsOnlineDownload and play Travian LegendsOnlineDownload and play Travian LegendsOnline

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