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High quality classic Belote in Multiplayer mode!

VIP Belote invites you to play Classic Belote, a card game that is highly popular in France!

VIP Belote is a fun trick-taking card game in which you have to work together with the player sitting across from you to trick the players sitting on either side.

Belote is used to denote a pair consisting of a King and a Queen belonging to a trump suit.

Want to play cards online with other real-life players who are also passionate about Belote? Play against other players at your level in this online multiplayer card game!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, VIP Belote is ideal for everyone who loves Belote and other trick-taking card games! Have fun playing!

  • Belote and Rebelote!
  • Multiplayer card game that finds you players at your own level!
  • Meet new people and play as a team with the player across from you
  • Choose whether you want to play other players or practice against bots.
  • HD graphics, realistic and responsive game!
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Download and play VIP BeloteOnlineDownload and play VIP BeloteOnlineDownload and play VIP BeloteOnline

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