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Simulation & Strategy

Fight amazing battles during World War 2 and the Korean War!

Play the stunning cross-platform MMO War game War Thunder and explore the world of WWII aviation. Drive historical armoured vehicles, and command real historical fleets!

In this Combat MMO game you can fight some of the key battles of the Second World War! You can also take part in major battles of the Korean War.

Fight thrilling and dramatic PvP battles against other players from over the whole world. Personalise your fleet and squads to experience amazing land battles and air strikes.

In War Thunder you can command hundreds of historical airplanes with detailed, realistic cockpits. Crush the enemy with ground vehicles with awesome firepower. Hone your flying and driving skills with each mission you undertake.

In War Thunder you can become a true legend of Word War II. Enoy the fantastically detailed graphics and historically accurate military machinery!

  • Historically accurate aircraft and ground vehicles!
  • Command fighters, bombers, , tanks, self-propelled artillery and anti-air gear!
  • Choose over 600 vehicles and planes!
  • Advanced virtual pilots and tanks
  • Suited for beginners and elite players
  • Amazing PvE battles
  • Historical campaigns and solo missions
  • Single-player PvP and cooperative gameplay!
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Download and play War ThunderOnlineDownload and play War ThunderOnlineDownload and play War ThunderOnline

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