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Wargame 1942: Simulation & Strategy
Simulation & Strategy

Lead the troops as a WWII general in the MMO game Wargame 1942!

Wargame 1942 is a strategy game set during World War 2. You are a WWII general and must lead your army's troops to victory. Construct buildings and try to max out the tech tree for each to maximise your profits.

Win new raw resources and use them to fuel your army's power. Basic military attacks play a big role, but you will also need to use espionage to gain an edge over your opponents.

Even the weather plays an important role in your strategic decisions later on in the game. There is a lot to keep into account, so you must make complex calls and think ahead to secure victory.

Play against thousands of other players or forge powerful alliances with them. Enjoy playing the thrilling strategy MMO Wargame 1942!

  • Historical WWII MMO game
  • Complex factors influence decisions, such as the weather
  • Forge alliances
  • Buildings come with extensions and tech trees to max out
  • Historical weapons and buildings
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Download and play Wargame 1942OnlineDownload and play Wargame 1942OnlineDownload and play Wargame 1942Online

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