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Solitaire quest, solitaire rebirth!

5 Realms of Cards is nothing like the ordinary solitaire games you've seen before - it is visually well-made, it has an exciting story line, and features addictive new game mechanics.

The game begins in the land of five card realms, where a malevolent force has awakened after a 100-year slumber. This ancient evil had plunged the realms into darkness.

This is where you step in. Your objective is to help a young princess named Jokerine restore peace and beauty to the realm by recovering the magic Signs of Suits.

The Signs of Suits have been broken by the forces of evil. To achieve Jokerine's important mission, you must journey through 5 realms and complete 72 levels full of addictive solitaire playing fun. Enjoy!

  • Revolutionary new story-driven solitaire gameplay
  • Lots of bonuses add diversity and challenges: Frozen, Erased, and Changeable Cards, Snowflakes, and Jokers
  • 5 stages with over 70 levels to complete
  • Follow the story of the young princess, Jokerine
  • Beautifully rendered visuals
  • Timed and untimed play modes
  • 5 Mini-Games: Watch the Ace, The Ace of Memory, Hit the target, Long Chain, and Puzzles.
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Download and play 5 Realms of CardsDownload and play 5 Realms of CardsDownload and play 5 Realms of Cards

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