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Alchemy Mysteries Prague Legends  
Hidden Object

Help Eva discover her origin!

Eva, a solitary young woman, arrives to Prague to inherit an ancient mansion. She knows nothing about her strange distant relative who left her the mansion after his mysterious death. Eva is an orphan, her past is an absolute mystery that she hasn’t still solved. Her main aim is not the inheritance itself. She appears in Prague in order to learn something of her origin, birth, family etc. Upon her arrival Eva meets Anna, her late relative’s assistant. Here her wonderful and dangerous adventures begin...

Trying to uncover the deserted house secrets, searching it for clues and important documents, meeting the ghosts she has gotten caught up in something she doesn’t understand...

The player will visit an antique shop full of ancient books and artifacts, a modern café located next to the medieval alchemical laboratory, a city cemetery of Prague with its creepy crypts and graves, a secret basement full of ancient document and barrels filled with strange liquids.

Eva finds that she has ties to the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II and has a sister! Her investigation uncovers one of the ancient mysteries of Prague, exposes an insidious plan of a band of black alchemists that are working to creating a golem with her king’s blood to rule the world, and give her the opportunity to find love in a shopkeeper's grandson...

  • Exciting locations, full of adventure and intrigue.
  • Scary atmosphere.
  • Hundreds of items and clues to be found.
  • Fantastic hidden object scenes.
  • Plenty of puzzles to solve.
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Download and play Alchemy Mysteries Prague LegendsDownload and play Alchemy Mysteries Prague LegendsDownload and play Alchemy Mysteries Prague Legends

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