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Download and play Miriels Enchanted Mystery Miriels Enchanted Mystery Unravel an intriguing mystery and conjure up goods for your customers in the magical realm!
Download and play Portal of Evil Stolen Runes Portal of Evil Stolen Runes The gates to another world will open soon! Only you can stop the impending disaster. Return the stolen runes!
Download and play Saving Private Sheep 2 Saving Private Sheep 2 Use your catapult and knock the foxes out. Send them flying!
Download and play Secret Case Paranormal Investigation Secret Case Paranormal Investigation Solve many mysteries that will truly test your skills! Show off your perspicacity and quick thinking. Find the clues that will make all the difference!
Download and play True Detective Solitaire 2 True Detective Solitaire 2 The True Detective is on a new case! Solve the bank robbery and catch the criminal in 120 solitaire levels. Collect golden cards and catch the villain
Download and play Matchmaker: Joining hearts Matchmaker: Joining hearts Slip into the role of a professional matchmaker to help these singles find the love of their life!
Download and play Bella Design Bella Design Help Bella create a successful business in the wonderful and challenging world of fashion!
Download and play Matchmaker 2 Curse of the Deserted Bride Matchmaker 2 Curse of the Deserted Bride Unravel the mystery of the deserted bride and bring love back to the haunted town!
Download and play The Musketeers Victorias Quest The Musketeers Victorias Quest Guide a young woman on her quest to become a musketeer in this thrilling arcade adventure!
Download and play 1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 3 1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 3 1001 photos of our fantastic planet! Discover the breathtaking beauty of our world in 1001 Jigsaw: Earth Chronicles 3!
Download and play Mahjong Christmas 2 Mahjong Christmas 2 Enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in every level! Are you ready for a wonderful winter fairytale? Complete 120 unique Mahjong levels!
Download and play Mahjong Business Style Mahjong Business Style Play the fast-paced business version of Mahjong on the stock exchange and grab the gold!

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