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Hidden Object

When darkness is coming and there is no hope left...

A mysterious and terrifying disease raged across Italy during the Dark Ages, leaving a path of death and despair in its wake. Whole towns and villages were turned into ghost cities. Streets, houses, and town squares were all left empty because every citizen and living creature is dead.

But somewhere in a mythical town called Apothecarium, a spark of hope lays in hiding. According to legends, the secret to ridding the world of this horrifying disease can be found there. But it is a secret that is well protected!

In this game you will have to help the citizens of the village Apothecarium. Lead the villagers of this magical place in their struggle against the evil Alchemist who is responsible for creating and spreading this terrible plague!

Go on an adventurous journey and complete many hidden object scenes, match 3 games, and other challenging puzzle games along the way! You must defeat the evil alchemist before he can kill any more people!

  • Interactive map
  • Pharmacy store
  • Match3, Hidden Object Scenes (HOS), morphing objects
  • Big list of additional puzzles games (separate from the mini-games)
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Download and play ApothecariumDownload and play ApothecariumDownload and play Apothecarium

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