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Time Management

Help Jasmine beautify the world, one floral bouquet at a time!

Life is better when the fragrant beauty of flowers is nearby. Nobody knows this better than Jasmine, a young woman from a remote village where some of the rarest and most delightful flowers are grown.

Ever since she was little, Jasmine knew exactly which flowers a person needed to brighten their day.

From sick grandmothers to romantic outings, Thanksgiving dinners and graduation parties, flowers have always been a great source of comfort and joy. Now, Jasmine wants to share her talent and her passion with the world, and she needs your help to do it!

Bloom! is a time management game that takes place in

Jasmine's flower shop where she plants, harvests, gathers and arranges flowers from sunrise to sunset.

Play through over 60 levels as you create custom bouquets for each customer who enters. The tokens you earn can be used to upgrade parts of the shop, hire assistants, expand, compete with rivals, and so on. But most importantly, you'll get to see how your customers' lives are changed by the simple act of sharing some flowers.

Over a century ago, Japanese scholar and artist Kakuzo Okakura said it best: "In joy or sadness,

flowers are our constant friends."

Follow the lives of your customers as you help Jasmine manage her busy flower shop.

  • 60 well-balanced levels to enjoy!
  • 47 kinds of item upgrades to buy!
  • 17 customers with their own life stories that play out in beautiful cutscenes.
  • 6 countries to build your flower shops in!
  • Original music compositions with American, French and Japanese stylings!
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Download and play BloomDownload and play BloomDownload and play Bloom

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