Installation of a Youda game

You will now start the download and installation of the game of your choice. Follow these instructions to get playing as soon as possible.

Step 1

Accept the file download by clicking ‘Execute’ or ‘Save file’. If you choose ‘Save file’ you first have to select where to store the game’s installation file. The file will then start downloading. Depending on the game and your internet connection this may take some time.

Step 2

If you have chosen ‘Execute’ in Step 1 the installation process starts automatically. If you have chosen ‘Save file’ you need to go to the folder where you have saved the file in Step 1 and double click the game’s file to start the installation.

Step 3

Confirm that you want to run the installation file by clicking ‘Yes’ or ‘Run’.

Step 4

Follow the installation instructions to install the game on your system.

Step 5

Enjoy your game!