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Clover Tale  
Puzzle & Match 3

Amazing adventures in the Nifflings' Valley!

A mysterious black mist has descended over the Nifflings' Valley. Everyone feels very agitated by this mist, but nobody understands what's happening. Help the Nifflings save their home in this exciting Match-3 game!

Everybody loves the super popular genre of Match-3 games, and that's exactly the type of game 'Clover Tale' is. Get ready for a huge amount of fun and a fascinating peek into the amazing fairy-tale world of the Nifflings!

Explore a beautiful world, complete quests, unlock new levels and piece together collections! There's always something going on in the Nifflings' Valley. Sometimes events are funny, while at other times things may get very dangerous.

Even now, when everything seems so perfect, the black mist approaches their lands. What will happen to the peaceful valley of the Nifflings? Only you can solve the mystery and save the Valley!

  • A revolution in match-3 puzzles!
  • 10 challenging game modes
  • Over 200 exciting quests
  • A vast world to explore
  • User-friendly interface
  • Addictive Match-3 game with exciting levels and super-cute graphics
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Download and play Clover TaleDownload and play Clover TaleDownload and play Clover Tale

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