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Delicious Emily's Moms vs Dads  
Time Management

Decide who makes the best parent in Delicious Emilys Moms vs Dads!

In the time management game Delicious Emilys Moms vs Dads, it's time for Emily and her gang to settle once and for all who makes the best parent. Who can look after the kids and can juggle all the other day-to-day tasks besides!

Emily is busy minding her shops, and she also has three children to take care of. Her friends Mary-Lynn, Stacy and Sharon want to help out, but they're a little demanding too. Time for the Dads to make themselves useful. Patrick, Mike, Chad, and Andy will have enough to do with the kids running all over the place.

Can you help each character complete their objectives? Keep your customers happy, catch Carl the Mouse, and try to reach your daily objectives despite the rush. Earn money to buy upgrades, and complete daily challenges to earn diamonds so you can fix up Emily's yard.

All your favourite characters are back for a new adventure, as well as some brand new ones! Watch Emily's family and her circle of friends grow in this heartwarming game... and learn to multi-task like a pro!

  • Time management gameplay
  • Heart-warming storyline
  • Get the Moms and Dads to work together
  • Daily tasks and daily challenges
  • Catch Carl the Mouse
  • Fix up Emily's lawn
  • Meet all of Emily's friends and the new babies!
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Download and play Delicious Emily's Moms vs DadsDownload and play Delicious Emily's Moms vs DadsDownload and play Delicious Emily's Moms vs Dads

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