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Empire Tales of Rome  
Puzzle & Match 3

Found a proud Roman city with the protection of the gods!

Jupiter god of thunder, Juno goddess of women and protector of the state, Neptune god of the sea, and Mars god of war... they are having a huge argument! The Roman gods decide to end their dispute by making a bet. What is this bet about? Well, it's about YOU!

It is up to you to unite the gods and win their blessing. Use your match-3 skills in this excellent puzzle game. Prove yourself capable of constructing the most gorgeous city ever built.

Solve the match3 challenges in the many levels of Empire: Tales of Rome. In some of these levels you might even find yourself under the protection of the gods!

You can decrease the costs of each building by winning numerous bonus games. Trophies give you an overview of the goals you have already achieved. A magnificent empire needs more than just monumental buildings, of course. Collect resources and create the foundation of an economy as well.

Are you ready to take on this divine challenge?

  • Exciting Match 3 game
  • Bonus rockets, let yourself be surprised by the “big boom”
  • Construct magnificent buildings
  • Divine blessing
  • Fantastic bonus games & extras
  • Trophy room
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Download and play Empire Tales of RomeDownload and play Empire Tales of RomeDownload and play Empire Tales of Rome

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