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Play Fairy Kingdom and save the princess!

Discover Fairy Kingdom, an exciting simulation adventure game! A Kingdom that was once a place of beauty now lies in ruins after suffering a terrible attack by and evil sorcerer!

This terrible sorcerer destroyed everything and everyone that stood in his way. The wicked magic-wielder even kidnapped the kingdom's beloved Princess! The King's last hope rests with a brave young man. This man must go on a dangerous journey to rescue the king's daughter from the evil sorcerer. Can you help this hero complete his challenging quest?

There are lots of achievements to unlock in this exciting adventure game. Can you gather enough food and other resources to complete each challenging stage of the quest? Play Fairy Kingdom and do your very best to save the princess!

  • Go on an exciting mission to rescue the princess from the evil sorcerer!
  • Play lots of challenging action/simulation levels and complete all the tasks!
  • Manage resources, gather food, clear roads, manage workers, and more!
  • Complete amazing challenges to earn all 25 achievements!
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Download and play Fairy KingdomDownload and play Fairy KingdomDownload and play Fairy Kingdom

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