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House of 1000 Doors: Serpent Flame Standard Edition
Hidden Object

Collect the items to stop the Giant Snakes from devouring the world!

Monstrous snakes have burst through to the surface of the earth in this exciting Hidden Objects game. Can you collect all the clues and magical items you need to stop them?

Make your way through 4 different epochs and a large selection of beautiful and mysterious Hidden Object Scenes in this HOS puzzle game.

Search for the items you need, solve the puzzles you encounter along the way, and speak to other characters you meet on your journey to gather valuable clues.

The fate of the world is in your hands. Can you collect the relics you need to power the magical machinery that will stop the Monster Snakes? Good luck playing the Serpent Fire instalment of the House of 1000 Doors series!

  • Beautifully animated scenes
  • Lots of challenging HOS levels
  • Carefully hidden clues
  • Lots of puzzle minigames
  • Thrilling narrative
  • Atmospheric music
  • Lots of magic and mystery
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Download and play House of 1000 DoorsDownload and play House of 1000 DoorsDownload and play House of 1000 Doors

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