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Kingdoms Heyday  
Time Management

Lead the Kingdom to prosperity and wealth!

The King is caught up in wars and couldn’t care less about the welfare of his Kingdom. The Princess takes over and worries about the citizens, but she needs the help of such a famous builder and treasurer, as you are!

Crumbling shacks, dirty streets, lack of food; neighboring kingdoms of dwarves and elves are asking for help too. The young Princess could not cope with all these matters alone. Help her and write your name in the history of the magic Kingdom!

  • follow the thrilling plot line
  • live through the epic tale with marvelous comics, and immerse yourself in the Middle Ages!
  • solve challenging city-building tasks
  • travel through 48 perfectly designed levels
  • get various achievements as a reward for your work!
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Download and play Kingdoms HeydayDownload and play Kingdoms HeydayDownload and play Kingdoms Heyday

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