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Mahjong: Wolf's Stories  
Card & Board

Find the missing wolf cub!

Match the Mahjong tiles as you make progress on your quest through the forest. Can you find the missing wolf cub? The game has soothing music that will set the mood for you. Complete many challenging tasks and earn wonderful trophies along your journey through 120 levels.

You can choose to play the game with a time limit, or you can chill out with the Mahjong Relaxed mode. This removes the tasks and time limits.

In both game modes, you can enjoy the captivating story of a wolf father searching for his lost cub. Explore unique Mahjong features in this game, such as a button that darkens locked tiles and another button that shuffles the remaining tiles.

With its beautiful story, stunning hand-drawn artwork, and addictive gameplay Mahjong: Wolf's Stories will entertain you for hours on end!

  • A heartwarming story
  • 120 all-new Mahjong levels
  • Hours of captivating gameplay
  • Enchanting soundtrack
  • Two game modes
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Download and play Mahjong: Wolf's StoriesDownload and play Mahjong: Wolf's StoriesDownload and play Mahjong: Wolf's Stories

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