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Moai 4: Terra Incognita CE
Time Management

Restore the coastline after the terrible earthquake!

This fourth instalment of Toyman Interactive and Big Fish's popular village management game Moai starts long after the Hero has made peace between the tribes.

The island was prospering, and the Hero and Bright Light had two lovely children. But one day, a terrible earthquake caused a huge wave to destroy the whole settlement. A new island has risen from the sea, and the village council has decided that the people must go there to build a new home.

But before the hero can leave for this new island, you will have to help restore the ruined settlement along the coastline. Direct the Hero and Bright Light towards the right locations, construct buildings, harvest resources, and repair the road in this beautifully made time management adventure!

Have fun playing Moai 4: Terra Incognita!

  • Challenging time management gameplay
  • Restore ruined villages
  • Manage your resources
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Tropic island setting
  • Exciting storyline that forms a sequel to earlier Moai episodes
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