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Monument Builders Statue of Liberty  
Time Management

Travel to new York to build the Statue of Liberty

Discover STATUE OF LIBERTY, the latest title in the MONUMENT BUILDERS series!

Travel back in time and relive the building of the Statue of Liberty! This is more than just your basic tourist trip, and so much more than just a guided tour! You'll experience the fun and history behind this symbolic site first-hand!

The Statue of Liberty is not just a huge tourist attraction, but also a symbol of the industrial revolution. Donated to America by France, this massive monument featuring the Roman goddess Libertas with her burning torch is an iconic image associated with New York and the USA!

In Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty, you will travel to the New York of the late 1800s to oversee the building of the statue. Can you make sure the building continues on schedule. You will face many challenges along the way. Develop the building site, keep out unwanted visitors and troublemakers, and make sure construction continues as planned. Along the way you will find out many interesting and fun historical facts about this famous monument. Good luck!

  • Manage the Statue of Liberty construction site from 1883 to 1886
  • Make the most of your workers and your resources
  • Improve your knowledge of the history of the Statue of Liberty
  • History in the making with the most recognized statue in the world!
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Download and play Monument Builders Statue of LibertyDownload and play Monument Builders Statue of LibertyDownload and play Monument Builders Statue of Liberty

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