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Monument Builders: Titanic  
Time Management

Discover this technical wonder of the modern world!

In the coastal regions of beautiful Ireland you need to manage the resources, personnel and logistics to create the world’s most famous ocean liner: the Titanic! This huge ship, which hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage, was almost 270m long and carried some of the wealthiest people in the world!

Employ and train your workers to build the ship and solve tons of logistical challenges. Building the Titanic will not be easy. It's a huge project that is not only gaining you positive fame: the many carts and delivery vehicles full of expensive materials are also being targeted by robbers!

Prevent criminals from stealing valuable resources and keep an eye on the bigger picture to reach your targets and to get the ship ready on time. Beat the odds and complete the Titanic on schedule in this exciting Monument Builders game!

  • Manage workers in over 50 levels
  • Negotiate with local and foreign tradesmen
  • Discover dozens of ways to transport materials
  • Complete the most famous ocean liner in history
  • Beware of robbers and bandits!
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Download and play Monument Builders: TitanicDownload and play Monument Builders: TitanicDownload and play Monument Builders: Titanic

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