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My Kingdom for the Princess  
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"Be the hero when trouble overshadows the kingdom."

Bring Princess Helen home and rebuild the destroyed villages! The land has been cast into complete chaos after a tornado wrecked most of the hamlets and roads. As if that isn't trouble enough, the terrible storm also awoke a hungry dragon!

Animals, houses, and people are falling victim to Firemouth, the dragon. According to the legend of the realm, Firemouth will not go back to sleep until he has eaten 37 humans!

At the same time, King Olgert, Helen’s father, is fighting for his life after being struck by lightning. Helen must travel back through the broken villages quickly to return to him. Without his daughter, King Olgert may not survive!

As a famous knight, your job is not only to escort the princess back home, but also to restore the ruined lands along the way. Can you clear the path for Helen's carriage, and help the villagers restore their roads and buildings?

  • Perform one heroic deed after the other
  • Enjoy the fun and addictive gameplay
  • Discover new challenges in the new elements of each level
  • Explore the medieval fantasy setting
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Download and play My Kingdom for the PrincessDownload and play My Kingdom for the PrincessDownload and play My Kingdom for the Princess

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