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Solitaire Egypt  
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Build your own prosperous town in Ancient Egypt!

A terrible sandstorm has ruined the beautiful metropolis by the Nile in Ancient Egypt! You have been appointed by the Pharaoh to restore the city, but you will have to start with very little!

Complete the solitaire levels to create a city even more prosperous and beautiful than the last one. Even though you are a supremely competent architect, you will receive some assistance from the Pharaoh's advisor just in case.

Play the game in campaign mode to play the full story. Use the combo-counter and the extra bonuses to save up for amazing buildings.

Free Play Mode offers a more relaxed solitaire experience featuring familiar solitaire variants. Enjoy playing Solitaire Egypt!

  • Play Campaign mode of Free Play Mode
  • Exciting story set in Ancient Egypt
  • Different cards decks and extra solitaire games available in campaign mode
  • Bonuses include wildcards, jokers and special cards
  • The ancient gods will assist you
  • Discover lots of hidden extras
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Download and play Solitaire EgyptDownload and play Solitaire EgyptDownload and play Solitaire Egypt

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