Tabletop Defense  
Simulation & Strategy

Shred your enemies to pieces

Take out your toy box and get ready for some of the most intense tower defense game battles ever!

This game will give you a new perspective on the entire genre. As peaceful and simple as the title Tabletop Defense may seem to the casual player, the action is fierce and thrilling once you get your hands on this paper battle madness!

Shred your enemies to pieces with different turret models - from simple guns to Tesla towers. In this battle you will have to fight off both land-based and airborne units that will do everything to get behind your lines of defense.

Featuring 3D environments and a large number of original levels, Tabletop Defense is a super addictive TD game to play.

Created by a small indie developer, this is game will make you want to dig around in your closet and take out your old toy tanks and planes. Be sure to check out this awesome game!

  • 24 levels with two game modes - normal and expert
  • 5 different turret types, with 3 upgrades each
  • 7 enemy types, with 3 sub-types each
  • 3D environment in each level
  • Turret and air view with different zoom options
  • Different game modes for different types of players
  • Game speed controls for adjusting the intensity of action
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